Town Of Hartwick

10th Annual Clean Sweep a Terrific Success!!

June 03, 2018

Results of the 10th Annual Hartwick Clean Sweep Event

The weather was the best so far for spring of 2018 for the 10th Annual Clean Sweep Event.  The Town of Hartwick Conservation Advisory Committee wishes to thank all the volunteers who helped that day, Saturday, May 5, 2018. They made it the most successful event ever.  Four roll-off containers of garbage, 778 tires, two roll-off containers of scrap metal, approximately 20 air conditioners, 5 refrigerators, and other appliances were recycled. Many other reusable items were also resold.  We are fortunate that the event expenses are covered by the revenue from the event which isn’t possible without the help of town council persons: Janice Gage, Bruce Markusen, Chris Briggs, Quinton Hasak, and Supervisor Robert O’Brien and the following event day volunteers: Chris Briggs & son, Ray Miller, Bev Drake, Alyssa Mohin, Heather Grant, Carol Niedzailkowski, Bruce Markusen, Janice & Jerry Gage,

Milton & Audra Wood,Bill Powers, Pat Ryan, Robert O’Brien, Jane Johngren, Janet & Tim Williammee. And thank you to those who do roadside clean-up every spring, we thank you too!  Look for another event in October!

Martha Clarvoe - Hartwick Conservation Advisory Committee Chair

Pat Ryan - Clean Sweep 2018 Chair